October 2017

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Medal of Excellence Honors Alumni, Supports Scholarship
The School of Engineering honored five distinguished graduates at a gala event on Thursday, October 5, recognizing alumni achievement in technology and asset management, automotive safety research, telecommunications advancements, and aerospace innovation. More than 250 alumni, industry partners, faculty, and students attended the 2017 Medal of Excellence and Distinguished Alumni event which celebrated the accomplishments of John P. Cipolletti, Reates K. Curry, Andrew L. Intrater, Emeka O. Oguh, and Roman P. Pacewicz. This year’s event, which supports engineering scholarships, generated more than $200,000 through sponsorship and ticket sales. Read more>> and View the video>>

Actuator-for-Todd300_crop.jpg Acting Like a Muscle, Nano-Sized Device Lifts 165 Times its Own Weight
Rutgers engineers have discovered a simple, economical way to make a nano-sized device that can match the strength of a super hero, but on a much smaller scale. Their creation weighs 1.6 milligrams (about as much as five poppy seeds) and can lift 265 milligrams (the weight of about 825 poppy seeds) hundreds of times in a row. Read more>>

Meeting New Jersey's Infrastructure Needs
The state of New Jersey is at the center of a region with nearly 10 percent of the population and jobs in the United States, and it has a diverse critical infrastructure, which is among the oldest and most heavily utilized in the country. Ali Maher, director of Rutgers' Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT), discusses the challenges the next governor will face maintaining and improving New Jersey's infrastructure. Read more>>

smart city.jpg Smart Cities Could Be Asset During Natural Disaster
Smart cities where different utilities and services are interconnected via the Internet of Things (IoT)—may be especially beneficial during times of emergency. Narayan Mandayam, chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is leading a team of colleagues to develop the synergistic integration of cyber-physical critical infrastructure, including transportation, wireless systems, water networks, and power grids. Read more>>.

LassoProbeCover03FINALcrop-final_horizontal.jpg Cloning Thousands of Genes for Massive Protein Libraries
Scientists in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School, have invented a technology to clone thousands of genes simultaneously and create massive libraries of proteins from DNA samples, potentially ushering in a new era of functional genomics. Read more>>.

ChundawatStudents.jpg Cutting the Cost of Ethanol, Other Biofuels and Gasoline
Biofuels like ethanol in U.S. gasoline could get cheaper through Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering research efforts. They have demonstrated how to design and genetically engineer enzyme surfaces so they bind less to corn stalks and other cellulosic biomass, reducing enzyme costs in biofuel production. Read more>>.

3DPrinterSystemModel.jpg Defeating Cyberattacks on 3D Printers
With cyberattacks on 3D printers likely to threaten health and safety, researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are developing novel methods to combat them. Read about the groundbreaking study here>>.

Underwater2_618x400_1.jpg Rutgers Aerial Aquatic Drone Soars Higher and Higher
The Rutgers-developed aerial aquatic drone—the Naviator—continues to gain traction across the country as a leading drone innovation. The Navy recently demonstrated its ongoing support for the Naviator by showcasing the hybrid unmanned vehicle at the 2017 Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo. Read more>>.

Faculty Members Promoted to Distinguished Professor
The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering's Marianthi Ierapetritou and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Athina Petropulu recently advanced to the ranks of distinguished professor—a title reserved for faculty who have achieved "scholarly eminence" in their field, according to the university. Read more>>.

newsletter-blocks_NEWS.png Rutgers Engineering: In the News

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Rutgers Engineering: Alumni Q&A
Karl Rosenblum (MS'88, Ceramic Engineering)
"I think being curious and a lifelong learner is essential, especially at the current pace of technology."

As Head of Global Capacity and Risk Strategy for Alcon, Rosenblum is responsible for maintaining the capacity outlook for its vision care and surgical franchises. Drawing on his extensive experience in manufacturing capacity analysis and manufacturing strategy, he has helped to secure more than half a billion dollars in expansion capital. Read the full Q&A here>>.

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Rutgers Engineering: Alumni News
Supplying Haiti with "Healing Water"
A group of scientists and engineers that includes School of Engineering graduates and current students has joined forces with Dlo Geri, a not-for-profit group that works to deliver safe drinking water to the people of Haiti. Read more>>

Pill.jpg Rutgers Engineering: Student News
A biomedical engineering senior design project team has been selected as one of five finalists in the MGH-APF 9th Annual Student Technology Prize in Primary Healthcare competition for their work on creating a diagnostic tool that will mitigate the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Read more>>

newsletter-blocks_ALUMNI.png Rutgers Engineering: Alumni Events

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